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"Before we joined up with Profit Partners we were kind of just cruising along, missing leads, not really gaining much traction, just doing ok as far as building our membership base.

Since we signed up Bob told us what we would do today, would show in 90 days. Well Christmas came a little early. We set a record December month, and have continued to have January, February, and March to be mind blowing months for us. With over 200 new leads in the past few months and a great follow up system, we are on track to have our best membership year since we opened 9 years ago. The system didn’t stop there. These guys are on the ball with emails, newsletters, training workshops, and respond to questions within the day, usually the hour. I know most people say there is no secret magic bullet to marketing but we have found this program to be pretty darn close. This system has EVERYTHING we need to take our club to record breaking numbers!

Thanks for your continued support Bob and the rest of the team at Profit Partners."

Rob B. - 2015 Marketing Foundation client

Tired of So Called 'Marketing Gurus' Flooding Your Inbox?

For over a decade, Profit Partners been recognized as the most sought after health club marketing experts to the fitness industry. We are famous for creating a highly effective, cutting-edge and simple to use marketing system that take care of 45% of all that ‘stuff’ that eats up your day.  A strong Health Club Marketing system will give you;   What to Say... How to Say It... and Who to Say It To.

We do something unique in this industry. We give you amazing results without using over-hyped, ‘killer’ gimmicks like so many of those self-proclaimed health club marketing gurus who over-promise and under-deliver. You need tested and proven customized systems that simplify, automate and grow your fitness business.  So you have the freedom to do more of what you want to do – not what you have to do just to survive!
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Health Club Marketing Strategies

Frustrated Club Owner?  
The Marketing Foundation Was Created By 100+ Owners
To ELIMINATE Frustration and MAXIMIZE Revenue!

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Hey Bob-

I wanted to take a minute and thank Profit Partners for everything you do! Bloor Street Fitness and Boxing wouldn't be where it is today if it were not for The Marketing Foundation and all it's tools.

We dominate the online world, we have an awesome site and mobile site, the newsletter is so powerful and of course your AutoPilot system is the best lead follow up tool on the market.

I wanted to say Thank You for helping with all our internal promotions and campaigns. We held another open house on Saturday the 27th and, thanks to you guys, the turn out was fantastic. We sold 89 new memberships in ONE day!!! That's a revenue pop of about $58,000. Not bad for one day.

Everything Profit Partners does makes us better! You guys are the best!

Michael Savella - General Manager
Bloor Street Fitness & Boxing
Your Automated Solution

The Marketing FoundationTM takes care of over 45% of the 'stuff' that eats up your day; giving you more time and less hassles.
No More Bad Ads! - Download It Now:

Profit Partners installs 
customized systems that simplify and automate your fitness business; giving you the freedom to do more of what you WANT to be doing - not what you HAVE to be doing.

Our clients enjoy an average of 30% growth while working significantly less in their business.
3 Reasons Why Our Simple System Blows Away All Those Half-Baked Solutions Flooding Your Inbox

1) Tested and Proven Results: We will show you actual results from gyms and health clubs of all shapes and sizes. Other marketing firms are afraid (and pray) you never ask them for actual results of their products or services.

2) The ONLY Complete System Available to the Industry: Ours is the only system that incrementally improves the 3 ways you can make money – more sales, improved retention and up-selling. Health Club Marketing Plan that works!
3) We Make Doing Business Easy: We create a customized system and solutions that will crush your competition. If things like having a risk-free trial, exclusivity, accountability, no-nonsense partnerships and your own Marketing Coach to work with day in and day out are important – then find out more.
Why It Works...
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