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Who We Are

Co-Founders Allan Boushie and Bob Sisk Have Created What Hundreds of Club Owners Consider To Be The Perfect, Money-Making Marketing System

The honest truth is, no successful club owner should be wasting their money on old school ‘hope and pray marketing’ like yellow pages, cable TV ads, mass mailings and other tactics that did a decent job of getting butts through the door in the past. 

The cost of Old School Marketing has sky-rocketed and your community is being bombarded with new competitors and advertising from every angle. There are, however, ‘New Marketing’ methods that are not only highly effective in getting new members, but are cool and cutting edge, deliver proven results, affordable, low risk and put you in control.
Who We Are...

For over a decade, we have been recognized as the most sought after marketing experts to the fitness industry. Profit Partners is famous for creating a highly effective, cutting-edge and simple to use marketing system called The Marketing Foundation.

We do something unique in this industry. We give you amazing results without using over-hyped, ‘killer’ gimmicks (like so many of those self-proclaimed marketing gurus who over-promise and under-deliver). We deliver tested, proven and customized systems that simplify and automate your fitness business. 

 Starting today, you can have the freedom to do more of what you want to do – not what you have to do  to merely survive.

Trying to Sell New Memberships With ‘Old School Marketing’ 
Has Tanked Over the Past 5 Years…

Yet, Most Health Club Owners Are Clinging to It and Wasting Thousands of Dollars a Year!

Why are more clubs failing now, more than ever, in the past 10 years? 

Clubs are failing because their owners have failed to change with the way people pick one club over another. Did you know over 87% of your potential members are going online first when beginning their search?  That is up from just 28% five years ago!

No longer will you have to bank on 'hope and pray' marketing. It's time to become more efficient and targeted, saving you both time and money, short and long term.  
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