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Finally!!! A System That Actually Works!

Before we joined up with Profit Partners we were kind of just cruising along, missing leads, not really gaining much traction,  just doing ok as far as building our membership base.

Since we signed up Bob told us what we would do in October of 14, would show in about 3 months.  Well Christmas came a little early. We set a record December month, and have continued to have January, February, and March to be mind blowing months for us. With over 200 new leads in the past few months and a great follow up system, we are on track to  have our best membership year since we opened 9 years ago. 
The system didn’t stop there. These guys are on the ball with emails, newsletters, training workshops,  and respond to questions within the day, usually the hour. I know most people say there is no secret magic bullet to marketing but we have found this program to be pretty darn close.

Thanks for your continued support Bob and the rest of the team at profit partners.

Rob Boyce.

Get More New Members - Fast

“Hi Al and Bob,

I just wanted to let you know the first 6 months with Profit Partners has been absolutely one of the best decisions I have made in my 25+ years in this business.

We are having our best month ever, averaging 14 new sales a day and we expect to top out at over 300 new members for this month alone. We have the systems and tools from you guys that are simple to use and generating great traffic!

Any club owner too stubborn or skeptical of what you guys deliver should certainly call me to set them straight! 

 You guys deliver the goods!”

Richard M. - Owner -  5 Year Client

Saving Time and Making More Money

 “We brought Profit Partners into our club to handle our marketing in May. The marketplace here in the greater Philadelphia is brutal and we needed to get better marketing systems, tools and resources. Based on what we saw with The Marketing Foundation, we decided to implement this system as summer approached.

We are thrilled with the results; which were immediate! Not only are we saving a ton of time and money, but what is normally a dead summer selling season for us proved otherwise. For the period of May through August of this year, Profit Partners helped us achieve a 20% increase in sales, retention and profitability.

I recommend any club looking for a way to improve their bottom line to contact Allan and Bob and get started today.”

Tony D.   - Owner  - 4 Year Client

From a Small Personal Training Gym - To SoCal's Premier Fitness Facility...

170 New Leads In 43 Days.
Then We Really Got Cooking!

“When we just ‘turned on’ our Marketing Foundation, we got 170 leads in less than 45 days; great results! Today, we are averaging over 60 new leads a month that we never had before.

The Marketing Foundation is simple, automatic and drives more people into our club, faster. Profit Partners gives us everything we need to get more traffic, close more sales and the resources to keep our members longer. In less than 15 months, we went from 1,800 members to over 3,000. Our income is up and our time and frustration with marketing is down.

Any frustrated club owner looking to save money and free up some time should get on board! Except my competitors!”

Koral M.
7 Year Client

Hey Bob-
I wanted to take a minute and thank Profit Partners for everything you do! Bloor Street Fitness and Boxing wouldn't be where it is today if it were not for The Marketing Foundation and all it's tools.

We dominate the online world, we have an awesome site and mobile site, the newsletter is so powerful and of course your AutoPilot system is the best lead follow up tool on the market.

I wanted to say Thank You for helping with all our internal promotions and campaigns. We held another open house on Saturday the 27th and, thanks to you guys, the turn out was fantastic. We sold 89 new memberships in ONE day!!! That's a revenue pop of about $58,000. Not bad for one day.

Everything Profit Partners does makes us better! You guys are the best!
Michael S.
General Manager
4 Year Client

Don't Take Our Word For It...

I love the website and the newsletters that you send out… I believe that this system will not only increase guest traffic, but member traffic as well. These leads have already saved me $2,000 a month by being able to cancel my monthly mailers. Once I can get my staff trained, this will give me a ton more free time. The tools you deliver are very helpful and brings back much of the old and vital things I have forgotten over the years. I love this system.

Ps. We got our first member that waited until the final missed sale letter and received the 2 months free. Hey , that’s fine with me . much better than going elsewhere or not signing up.  The program is working!  We have more members so far In February (13th) than all of January. Typically February tapers off as does march.

By the way, I’m really loving getting into Marketing Foundation Tools. The sequence is methodical and exquisitely detailed. If I didn't know any better, I’d swear you two guys were brilliant. Of course you are. 

I spent a number of years in two highly structured corporate environments; the Toronto Stock Exchange and Olivetti Computer Systems as well as being the Sales and Marketing Director for New World Publishing Corporation. We were very familiar with setting objectives, strategies and having our various mangers submit tactical options prior to pressing the “Go” button. We do not enjoy that kind of organizational behavior here. I’ll work closely with the team to show them how TMF can turn this ship around

So far you have delivered exactly what you promised. I love the member referral program although I haven’t yet implemented it yet. Things are still a bit new to determine the full impact of this program but so far so good. I’m not going anywhere.
I am very happy with what I have seen. If things work out the way I expect then I will be an extremely happy camper. I am looking at opening a chain of clubs and need this to work as I want to make this mandatory in my licensing package .
So far we are very pleased and we are excited to get up and running. You guys are always there when needed, promptly returning of calls and email.
I like what I have experienced so far. Prompt service, good communication and I really like the fact that our phone consultations are not rushed and I feel I have as much time as I need to clarify my concerns and questions.  Your system works!

I am thrilled to be working with Profit Partners, specifically Bob. I know what I need to get done but doing too much at once…spinning my wheels. Bob is able to give me clear, concise answers on so many levels and the response time is incredible! Thank you.

For years we had talked about offering a summer sports camp to the surrounding school systems, but could never seem to get the program off the ground. I am extremely happy to say that this summer with the help of Allan and Profit Partners, our first camp was a tremendous success. We generated almost $6,000 in revenue during our slowest month of the year and we were able to help the kids achieve some remarkable results! Next summer we expect to easily double the participation and continue to grow it each year.

I have been involved in marketing with public companies; but haven’t applied it in my gym very consistently! You have systematized health club marketing which makes it much easier to apply and teach the staff. Great stuff!!

Excellent customer service. Profit Partners is very attentive to my needs. 

Your material and direction are extremely well organized and clear. Anyone who can read and hear can execute the plan. Second, most gym owners do not under that this decision takes most individuals 3 to six month before they join. I needed to learn that. I stopped wasting money on branding advertisements. You have given us a great lead generating and money-making web site and marketing systems! 

Everything is moving along quickly enough and my concerns have been addressed in a timely manner. We still haven’t been able to utilize the programs functions other than the presence of the website. We’re anxious to get going with retention and lead follow-up tools. 

Bob and Allan are very responsive to my questions and I am getting more support than expected.  It is nice to have someone committed to my success as much as I am!
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