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Simplify and Automate

The Marketing Foundation™
The Most Complete Marketing System Built Exclusively for Health Club, Gym and Fitness Owners

Don’t be fooled by so called ‘health club consultants’ and ‘marketing gurus’. Most you will find are former club owners themselves who could not cut it in the business and decided to tell you what to do instead. There is a better solution.

"Always there when needed.
Prompt return of calls and emails....
Seeing improved results right away."

Simple Solutions for 
More Leads & Membership Sales
You have so many choices when it comes to health club marketing and advertising help. It all boils down to just a few very simple questions:
    Who can get you the most leads?
    Who can get them in the door?
    Who can make you a better closer?
    Who can keep members longer?
    Who can get them spending more?
    Who can do it most cost effectively?

You need to be able to communicate with today's prospective member effectively, powerfully and on their terms. We know what they want. We show you how to give it to them!

We’re looking forward to getting you to the next level.

Feel like none of your marketing is working the way it used to?  You’re right!  The rules have changed.  The people who figure out these changes will dominate the market.  New members will flock to you because you are better at the first points of contact.  You’ll breakthrough the noise and become the OBVIOUS CHOICE for health and fitness.

Our Marketing Foundation will dramatically improve your results, generate revenue and create an avalanche of prospects through your front door.  

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