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Reach Your Community
Position Yourself as the ONLY Choice

You're The Expert in Town. 
Separate Your Club From the Rest of the Pack!

If getting fit and stay fit was easy, the health club industry wouldn't be a $27 billion dollar industry.

Staying in front of your community is by far the best way of positioning yourself as the expert.  People need valuable information in order to succeed.  There is so much information for them to digest

Out of all the tools our owners get with their Marketing Foundation, your FitNews publication is one of the most powerful.

This one tool will grow your revenue in 3 different ways;

1) Sell More Memberships
2) Get Your Members Lasting Longer
3) Get Your Members Spending More

The best part is, it's all done for you!
Month in and month out, we set it and your community will get it.

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