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Marketing Strategically

Strategic Marketing

Get Your Marketing to Make Money Consistently

We will work together to create the perfect Strategic Marketing message and plan for your club.  This will position you so that the Tactical Marketing tools, resources and weapons you’ll be receiving can wipe out your competitors.

The first session has the responsibility of introducing you to the components of The Marketing FoundationTM and the tools you will be using.  The more comfortable you are with the components, the easier it will be to implement the system.

There are 4 key components to developing your Strategic Marketing:

Here is a sample of the tools we provide:

- How to Identify Your Target Market
- Differentiate Your Club from the Rest
- The 3 Ways Your Club Makes Money
- Bring Your Message to Life

1. Your Inside Reality Interview
2. Competitive Intelligence
3. Member Surveys
4. Unique Selling Points (USP’s)

Together, we’ll get your Strategic Marketing messages ready in no time.  You’ll learn the power of combining your perspective with that of your members and competition. The results are powerful USP’s that dominate your club in the marketplace.

* Your own 45 page workbook created to keep you on track
* A DVD overview of The Marketing Foundation TM
* Your Introduction to Strategic Marketing
* A Resource Disc with all the tools for your customized program
* Your Inside Reality Interview
* Your Business Evaluation
* Finally a way to create your own marketing plan

“I know we are better already. The missing piece for us was a system.
 After hearing our competitions’ calls, I know we can get back on top.”

Marketing Foundation Client Spring 2008

 Hi Al and Bob, I just wanted to let you know the first 6 months with Profit Partners has been absolutely one of the best decisions I have made in my 25+ years in this business.

 We are having our best month ever, averaging 14 new sales a day and we expect to top out at over 300 new members for this month alone. We have the systems and tools from you guys that are simple to use and generating great traffic!

Any club owner too stubborn or skeptical of what you guys deliver should certainly call me to set them straight! You guys deliver the goods!”

Richard M.


We brought Profit Partners into our club to handle our marketing in May. The marketplace here in the greater Philadelphia is brutal and we needed to get better marketing systems, tools and resources. Based on what we saw with The Marketing Foundation, we decided to implement this system as summer approached.

We are thrilled with the results; which were immediate! Not only are we saving a ton of time and money, but what is normally a dead summer selling season for us proved otherwise. For the period of May through August of this year, Profit Partners helped us achieve a 20% increase in sales, retention and profitability.

I recommend any club looking for a way to improve their bottom line to contact Allan and Bob and get started today.”

Regards, Tony D. 

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