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Get Found

87% of ALL New Members Begin Their Search For a Gym Online

We Install a System to Nurture Your Prospects. They Then Become Members!
  • Integrated and Automated
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Systematizing Follow-Ups
  • Auto-Responders That Do the Work of 100 Sales Reps
We will show you how to use your website, emails and the secret all the GIANT health clubs are using, auto-responders. This technology will allow you to identify, capture and stay in touch with prospects months before they join any fitness center;catapulting you two years ahead of your competitors.
It's not how good you are... 
It's how many people know how good you are that determines your success.
You Could Go Broke Trying to Figure Out the Winning Formula.

The time it takes the average prospect to move from ‘thinking about health and fitness’ and actually ‘buying a membership’ is about 3 months. The key to capturing more new members then your competitors is staying in touch with the prospects. There are many ways to do this; Radio Commercials, Print Ads, Cable TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Mail… and so on.

Doing business today requires health clubs to embrace technology. The internet and social marketing has helped thousands of clubs nationwide increase productivity and the bottom line.

"So far you have delivered exactly what you promised. I love the member referral program although I haven't yet implemented it yet. Things are still a bit new to determine the full impact of this program but so far so good. I'm not going anywhere!"

"I am very happy with what I have seen. If things work out the way I expect, then I will be an extremely happy camper. I am looking at opening a chain of clubs and need this to work as I want to make this mandatory in my licensing package."

"This is exactly what we have needed. Profit Partners has truly developed new and effective marketing systems that save us time and money. Everything from lead generation, closing more sales, social media tools and drip marketing is implemented quickly and easily. Thanks Allan and Bob!"

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