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About Us

"This is exactly what we have needed. Profit Partners has truly developed new and effective marketing systems that save us time and money. Everything from lead generation, closing more sales, social media tools and drip marketing is implemented quickly and easily. 
Thanks Allan and Bob!"

"So far you have delivered exactly what you promised. I love the member referral program although I haven't yet implemented it yet. Things are still a bit new to determine the full impact of this program but so far so good. I'm not going anywhere!"

"I am very happy with what I have seen. If things work out the way I expect, then I will be an extremely happy camper. I am looking at opening a chain of clubs and need this to work as I want to make this mandatory in my licensing package."

"So far we are very impressed and we are excited to get everything up and running."

"Always there when needed. prompt return of calls and emails.... can't wait to see the results."

"I like what I have experienced so far. Prompt service, good communication and I really like the fact that our phone consultations are not rushed and I feel I have as much time as I need to clarify my concerns and questions"

"I am thrilled to be working with Profit Partners, specifically Bob. I know what I need to get done but doing too much at once...spinning my wheels. Bob is able to give me clear, concise answers on so many levels and the response time is incredible! 
Thank you" 

About Profit Partners LLC

Marketing Based on What You Told Us You Need: More Members, Lasting Longer & Spending More!

You have so many choices when it comes to health club marketing and advertising help. It all boils down to just a few very simple questions:
    Who can get you the most leads?
    Who can get them in the door?
    Who can make you a better closer?
    Who can keep members longer?
    Who can get them spending more?
    Who can do it most cost effectively?

Don’t be fooled by so called ‘health club consultants’ and ‘marketing gurus’.
Most you will find are former club owners themselves who could not cut it in the business and decided to tell you what to do instead. There is a better solution.

The Marketing Foundation™– The Most Complete Marketing System Built Exclusively for Health Club, Gym and Fitness Owners

Your success can be boiled down to three simple and critical areas. Master them and you will have more free time and money to do the things you really want to do! The Marketing Foundation™ improves the only 3 ways you can truly dominate your market:
  1. You will sell more memberships at full price You will retain members longer, and
  2. Your members will spend more in non-dues areas
  3.  You will now have a tested and proven system that is customized and installed for you to crush your competition and help you make the living you deserve.

     Together, we will take the bull by the horns and make incremental improvements; resulting in exponential growth!
Simple Solutions for More Leads and Membership Sales
We have made The Marketing Foundation™ simple to implement and use. We carefully install, customize and show you how to go from being a ‘good’ club to a GREAT club!

 Everything we deliver to you is geared to get better results, faster and less expensively.
You’ll be seeing better results with less work – and for a lot less than you’re spending now on old, outdated ways of advertising.

New, Cutting Edge Marketing to Attract Today’s Fitness Member
Would you rather continue with out-dated, over-worked and tired fitness center marketing ideas, or use a cutting-edge, tested and proven system developed exclusively for health club owners like you?

Today’s potential gym member has many ways they can get to know you and your club. You need to be able to communicate with them effectively, powerfully and on their terms. We know what your prospective members want. We show you how to give it to them!

TIP # 1

It's not how good your health club is... It's how many people know how good your health club is that determines your success. PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

TIP # 2

To succeed in today's competitive environment, you must show you are better and different than the rest.  You MUST have something good to say; say it well and say it often.
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