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Health Club Marketing Strategies

  • By Allan Boushie
  • 23 Jan, 2017

Developing a Strong Strategic Marketing Plan

health club marketing strategies

If you are like most fitness club owners I know, you pretty much live and breathe your business seven days a week, 12 hours plus a day or more.  That 'closeness' to your business can make many owners blinded to what makes their health club Different and Unique from any of their competitors.  From a marketing perspective, identifying your Unique Selling Points is critical to separate your gym from all the others!

When you use your Unique Selling Points  to create your Strategic Marketing Plan in all of your marketing, you will break through the clutter and noise that exists around you.  You will see more people coming through your doors, more new member sales and even your member retention will rise.

One of the most important health club marketing strategies we deploy is to help you clearly articulate what makes you Unique and Different to create your Unique Selling Points (USP's).  Once formulated, you can use them everywhere!

Get This Right. Devote 45 Minutes to This Project.

One of the most important places to begin developing a strong Strategic Marketing plan is to have a thorough understanding of YOUR perspective of your club. We do this through an Interview that covers all facets of your business and deals with virtually every question a prospective client would have about your facility, your staff, your equipment and your business philosophy

  “We never really understood how and why we were different from our 4 major competitors.
   Discovering what our Inside Reality really is, we were able to train our staff on our real
   competitive advantages”
, said a NYC-based client of ours. 

Look, you aren’t fooling us . We know how quiet it gets from 10:00am to 3:00pm around the club every day . “If we only had a strategy to develop more daytime activity our club could add over $350,000 in new revenue this year” , complained an owner we spoke to earlier this week. We told him “You have to start somewhere and that somewhere is being able to identify the 10–15 things that make you different . Not necessarily better, just different.”  

Don’t Know Where to Start? Start Here...

The hardest part about change is understanding how and where to get started. For club owners seeking to develop a strong strategic and tactical plan to grow their business by quickly and less expensively than they have historically, the place to start is here. Right now. 

We’re So Tired of Hearing About It, We’ll Help Create Your Unique Selling Points for Free!

It is painful to hear the stories:

  We are getting killed by new clubs opening in our area;

  The economy has still not recovered;

  Every keeps lowering their price; or

  If I see one more $9 a month gym, I’ll scream.  

Here’s What You Need To Do:

1.    Pick up the phone  and call us ( 732.384.0000 ) and ask for your FREE Unique Selling Points Kit, or

2.   Email us at Info@MyProfitPartner.org and request it.  We will send it to you right away!

Get Your FREE Unique Selling Points Kit

health club marketing strategies
Every successful gym and health club owner in 2015 has a solid health club marketing strategy.  Get your Unique Selling Points Kit and we will help guide you through the exercise.

Grab it! Start Using Your USP's Today - For FREE!

Just drop us an email and we will it ASAP - Info@MyProfitPartner.org  

Health Club Marketing Tips

By Bob Sisk 02 Feb, 2017
Health Club Marketing Ideas

Working with many health clubs across the country gives us a very good idea of what works and what doesn’t. I recently had conversations with 3 different owners about the challenge of growing their revenue. Although they were completely different types of clubs, they each faced the same problem. Low foot traffic. One club was in business for 26 years, the 2nd club was open 7 years and the 3rd was just opened 10 months.

Getting your community to come in and see what you offer is harder than ever. The oldest of the three spoke of the day when you just dropped an ad in the local paper and people came pouring in. Those days are long gone.

Today you’re up against busy schedules, a crowded marketplace, short attention spans, long buying cycles and of course a ton of noise from your never ending competition. It’s no wonder old marketing no longer works.

What you need today is a list of tested and proven techniques that real live health clubs are using today. This will bring you a few leads from a lot of places resulting in steady foot traffic.

Here are some of our favorites:

24 Great Lead Generation
Strategies for Any Health Club

  1.   Host New Member Mixer each month
  2.   Set up an Adult Education Partnership
  3.   Place low-risk offers on your Facebook page
  4.   Have an annual Member Holiday Party 
  5.   Place Outdoor Banners that drive drop-ins
  6.   Create a Business Elite Program
  7.   Establish Joint Ventures with local business
  8.   Have a Guest Speaker Program each quarter
  9.   Sponsor Raffles and Contests
  10.   Be a Chamber of Commerce host
  11.   Run an Ex-Member Event
  12.   Get great traffic as a Blood Drive Sponsor
  13.   Raise funds for Cancer Research
  14.   Invite in a Diabetes Check-Up Clinic
  15.   Promote a Weight Loss Contest
  16.   Use Door Hangers within a 1 mile radius
  17.   Set up Lead Boxes
  18.   Create an Afternoon Athlete Program
  19.   Build a Prospect-oriented website
  20.   Make Free Pass offerings automatic
  21.   Send e-Newsletters to prospects
  22.   Have multiple Low Risk Offers
  23.   Launch Fridays are Free for guests of members 
  24.   Have a Drip Marketing system in place

When you have this many 'lines in the water'  you will  see dramatic results.  These are real ideas being used by our most successful clubs.  You can print this out and get started today or have Profit Partners install all of it for you.

Save time and money while you close more sales!  Download the free Foot Traffic Guide

Call us at (732) 384-0000
Email us - info@MyProfitPartner.org to see how

By Allan Boushie 31 Jan, 2017
What does your club look like between 2:00pm and 4:00pm every day?

Do you have 'Dead Time' during the day?  Many gyms also see big lulls from 9:30am until around noon, too.

Well we have a health club marketing campaign that can help you fix that - FAST!

Start by Marketing to Your Target Market

Profit Partners clients focus on very specific and targeted markets with their advertising.  Markets that we have worked with them to fine tune and know will show the greatest interest in looking and feeling better.  Your hard-earned dollars are precious - so we advise you to spend them wisely and where you will get the biggest bang for the buck. 

If your martial arts facility, fitness center, gym, or health club is too quiet and sparse during the mornings and/or afternoons, you can fix that.

And here is how.

Follow These 10 Easy Steps

A target market program does not have to be rocket science. Actually, we have found that the simpler we can make it, the more effective it is and the easier it is for you to track your results.

The steps below will help you get started. Your sales team will be busy, your club will become busier and you'll pocket some more cash.

Every club and fitness center should be using this tested and proven health club marketing campaign.

Grab your FREE templates and easy-to-follow instructions HERE

If you have questions or need help, reach out to us at ch out to us at Info@MyProfitPartner.org
Here is What We'd Like You to Do...

Step One:    Identify your target. Get a map of your community. Draw a circle around a 3 to 5 mile radius. That is your geographic area. Any marketing and advertising outside that area is money flushed down the toilet.

Step Two:    Who could work out in the early and late afternoon? We suggest teachers, administrators and staff. Also possibly municipal workers, local businesses and shift workers. Branch out here. You need to think about public schools. Private schools. Vocational and technical schools. Colleges and universities. Secondary, middle and elementary. Get the picture.

Step Three:    Pick 2 or 3 to start. Make them big ones. You want schools that employ at least a few dozen teachers, staff and administrators.

Step Four :   Prepare a powerful, one-page letter that follows the Marketing Equation addressed to the Administrator or the Principal. Make sure it Interrupts, Engages, Educates and gives a Low Risk Offer.

Step Five:    Create a flyer to be read by teachers, administrators and staff. You will want to make it powerful and very simple for these people to take the next step to try your club.

Step Six:    Have 100 flyers printed for each school to go with your letter. Your 'package' should look professional and neat.

Step Seven:    Have your sales associate role play with you. You pretend you are the Administrator. Have them rehearse a 1 minute speech that would be given to the Administrator explaining who they are, why they stopped by, what they have and why they should distribute the flyers to each person's mail box.

Step Eight:    Have the sales associate hit the road, stop by the school unannounced (late morning before lunch is the best time of day), and ask to speak to the top dog. If they can't get the top dog ask for his or her assistant. Make a short and professional presentation with a lot of smiling, thank them and then get back to the club.

Step Nine:    Track activity. Make sure you have identified some way to capture the calls and drop-ins from people from the school.

Step Ten:    Calculate your results. You should know how many people called or stopped in, how many toured, how many joined and what the ROI was for this program. 

How One Club Made Over 15 Grand in a Week

As you can see from above, any health club owner and staff can nail these ten steps in 7 days or less. It is a matter of whether you want to or not. Will this be just another good idea that sits on the shelf? That is your call.

One of our clients had a very nice return on this program and they only spent about 6 days on it. This club is located in a suburban area and had over 12 schools to choose from within a 3 mile radius. They needed afternoon activity in the club and they wanted to take one of their best salespeople and get them exposed to Corporate Sales and this program was a perfect training ground.

Here is the breakdown of the results:
     3 letters and 300 flyers delivered
     11 Calls and 29 drop ins
     33 tours
     26 memberships sold

        Revenue produced: $15,600 (26 new sales x lifetime value of $600)
        Cost of materials:   $89

The question to ask yourself is: "Do you want more afternoon activity in the club and can you make your sales team better and stronger?"

If you would like some FREE TEMPLATES  to help get you started, keep reading...
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